Wedding Party

Wedding Party

How to plan your Wedding Party

To plan a wedding party.There are a lot of stuffs to do.Since mostly its a one-time happening event. You have to make it memorable.Wedding party has to be designed in favor of both Bride and Groom. Inviting your friends , family , colleagues. With out proper plan you cant make it worthy.

Inviting your audience

The most crucial and time taking part.No one else than you could actually do this. What others could do is just categorize the audience and make it manageable to "not to miss anyone". It is a better idea to categorize your list based on "How they are related to you", "Where you meet" etc.

Count your crowd

Before you can think of a wedding party. You need to count your audience.An approximate sum could avoid you falling into a mess. Keep in mind, you need to make room for all the audience in the party, Have to arrange beverage and dish for all those who are invited.You can never be short with space ,food or comfort.

Welcome them accordingly

Many of those who don't have a proper plan, Or those who try to attend everything would definitely be in to trouble. As a center of attraction,You should keep away from anything other than handshaking your audience. Keep plans and attenders for other things. More than anything,Your visitors expects your attention on them.

Organize the food

Unlike in other party, you can arrange something that suits everyone. Just be nice with veg & non-veg.Keep it common.May be include something traditional thats it.Make sure you have everything which suits the climate and time of the party. Let them choose from what we have with us.

Dispose the crowd at proper time

Yeah Mostly the parties will go long. But Wedding parties can't be.You can loose any of your best moments at the very first day.Other than party there would be a tons of stuffs to do in the day. Keep a timing and request your audience for the time.Make the leave at proper time, Not too early ,to too late