Farewell Party

Farewell Party

Farewell or Thanks giving party

To say 'Good Bye' is always a very hard thing. A farewell party is held for many occasions, including when someone leaves work, leaves the country, or leaves an activity that they have been a part of for a time. Organizing a farewell party isn't that different from organizing other types of parties, except that you need to consider how to honor the person leaving.

Choose where to organize your party

Its really important to choose the venue of the party. It could be in your office itself or in a party hall ,a restaurant, or anywhere else.You need to consider the person's reputation and dignity. For a family member, who is going abroad. A homely party with warmth would make him more nostalgic.But if its your co-worker, Office itself or in a nice restaurant would be better.

Make the deserving decoration

Decorations are a part of every party.As no parties can be same,You need to take in consideration,to whom the party belongs. To give a farewell party to your boss,Don't fill the venue with kiddy items. But for a friend who is traveling abroad, make him feel the warmth of your friendship with touching quotes, pics of time you were together etc..

Organize the food

Server him/her with the taste that he/she usually choose while you dine together. This will make him/her feel the party is just weaved for him/her . A proper course could make them feel so comfort

Organize people who want to wish him

The most embracing part of a farewell party would be the thanks giving section. Never forget to gather those who would like to acknowledge the his/her merits. This would definitely make them feel how important was his role in the group.

Keep a Farewell present

Everyone would be feeling excited with gifts. A meaning full gifts will do much more than a long speech. No need to be expensive, Just gift an apt one.