Plan to marry in U.A.E ?? You should know this

U.A.E is the second home land for many Indian expatriates. Its quiet comfortable and the harmony ,that make this land most preferable.Indian consulate is working hard to support its citizens.If you have plan to marry in U.A.E, You should know the below .

We wrote this for those parents who want to explore the Marriage act in U.A.E. As Indians,we should follow Indian Ministry rules. Recently there was an announcement that ,

The marriage plans of Indians in the UAE could run into trouble if they don’t get the green light from their parents. The Indian Consulate in Dubai has apparently begun insisting on consent letters from parents.

There are few couples already  pulled into trouble. We may be asked to present an  “affidavit of no-objection“.

You need no-objection from both parents (Father and Mother) need to give their consent for the marriage to go ahead. In-case if one of them got passed away. You need to get a death certificate.

Many of young couple may face a delay over the issue. As many of us are un-aware of these legalities.

The Indian embassy in Abu Dhabi said they follow a slightly different route. They usually send a letter to the couple’s parents, asking whether they had any objection, and did not require an affidavit of no-objection attached to the application for marriage.

Get the require document list to register your marriage in dubai