Passport about to expire ?, and you have an emergency to fly ?

Passport about to expire ?, and you have an emergency to fly ?Most of the Indian expatriates in United Arab Emirates face this issue once or in a while. Now its time to forget the hassle. You can get the passport renewed within 5 working days. Yeah Indian Passport renewal in United Arab Emirates become hassle free

Indian-Passport-renewMany Indian expatriates in the U.A.E whose passports were issued by a different Indian passport authority in the UAE or outside have a reason to cheer. They had to wait for 40 working days to renew their passports and it was even applicable to Abu Dhabi residents whose passports were issued from Dubai and vice versa. Now the Indian diplomatic missions in the UAE have managed to reduce the time taken for renewal of such passports to just five working days, a top Indian diplomat told  in an interview.

“We started renewing all passports within five working days [if applicants fulfil all legal requirements] from the beginning of this month,” T.P. Seetharam, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE, said. He said this is applicable to passports issued by all other Indian passport authorities in India and abroad, including the Indian Consulate in Dubai.

Many Indian residents were delighted to hear this news. Haneefa Sulaiman, 47, who runs a travel agency in the capital, said he waited more than 40 days in June 2015 to renew his passport issued from Dubai. “I was raising this issue with the embassy always. I did not understand why it took 40 [working days] for the embassy to verify the data stored at its consulate in Dubai or to get necessary approvals from there, given the technological advancements of our time,” he said.

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