How safe Helium balloons are for your party ?

The most concerning issue for a party organizer is to conduct a “Safe Party”.  Unfortunately all parties doesn’t end as happy as it starts. Most importantly when you have kids as the subject of your party. Kinds are hyper-active. They can’t stay cool at a party. Balloons are the major attraction for the kinds especially floating balloons like helium balloons. So when you plan a party for your kid you can’t keep balloons away. Helium balloons are not harm as you think. Helium itself won’t make much harm.

Then why people fear helium balloons in party ?

Two things, First, They are highly concern about their kid’s safety and then lack of real facts. Accidents can happen at any moment. But that doesn’t mean helium balloons are dangerous. Even if a helium balloon blast, There won’t be a high quantity of helium which can make you breathless.

As a party organizer, we are using helium balloons for many parties. We haven’t face any issue caused by helium balloons. On the other hand, floating balloons are safer since they float in the air. They won’t blast in the kid’s hand. We always recommend floating balloons, since they save a lot of floor space.

The problem is that breathing only helium means that you’re not getting oxygen. Now, an interesting thing is that your body can’t tell whether it’s getting enough oxygen or not. You feel like you’re suffocating if there’s too much carbon dioxide in your lungs. Now, normally, too little oxygen and too much carbon dioxide happen together, but if you’re breathing helium you can still exhale carbon dioxide without getting enough oxygen. Long story short, you don’t really feel like you’re suffocating right up until you pass out. Inhaling one lungful of helium probably won’t hurt you, but if you keep doing it, you could very well pass out.