Birthday Party

Farewell Party

How to plan your Birthday Party

Birthday party is for your Birthday boy/girl. It cannot be a party for other. It should be a special moment to keep your boy/girl feel the warmth.

Make funny decoration

Kids will always love decorations.Don't be so serious with the arrangement.Remember, they could ruin your arrangement in the very first moment.Keep the fragile items away. Or arrange a small area were they can gather together.Keep some nice balloon decoration and all

Let other parents also be in the party

Be in touch with all the parents.Let them be in the party or you can be so kind to pick or arrange pick-up for those who don't have their parents accompanied.

Keep them safe

Kids will be the majority of your crowd if its your kid's birthday party. Make sure they are properly attended and are safe as your kid.Highly recommended that the party should be in a day time or in a early evening .This will keep other parents comfortable